My platform is global awareness because I love to travel. Whether it’s by flying in an airplane or driving in a car down the highway, I am always excited for a new adventure. I have hiked the rocky mountains of Banff and Jasper and walked across the dessert sands of Nevada. I have gazed at the Pacific Ocean from California and British Columbia, rode a train to the windy city of Chicago and been engulfed by people on the busy streets of Hollywood. From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the homeless on the Hasting’s Street in Vancouver… the new sites, new faces, richness, and poverty. I saw compassion, felt empathy, and watched people simply look the other way. Cultural diversity was everywhere.

I flew across the Atlantic ocean into Europe where I rode a bicycle built for two and enjoyed a leisurely walk through the streets of Madrid. Tourists enjoyed the locals, and locals enjoyed the tourists. I was surrounded by a whole new world with exciting languages, exotic foods, foreign smells, and relaxed lifestyle. A voyage across the Mediterranean Sea into Morocco led me to Africa. I was welcomed by a man who spoke Arab and and wore traditional clothing. I could only see his eyes as he helped me onto a camel for a ride across the dessert. More new faces, beautiful art, small villages, mosques, and palaces… cultural diversity was everywhere!

Many times during our travels I was forced to challenge my own views. I would have to remind myself to keep an open mind and open heart to all that I encountered realizing that i was just one person in a very large world! This October I have been accepted to go on another adventure! I will be heading to Costa Rica to volunteer at an animal sanctuary and working at an elementary school teaching English and Canadian culture. Yet again, I will choose to look past politics, religion, monetary importance, forget about race and nationality, and I will only live in the basic reality that we are all human. I will accept, embrace, and learn from all of our differences. Every day our world becomes more culturally connected and the stronger our awareness is, the stronger our acceptance becomes. We can understand and listen to each other and together, we could easily create a more peaceful and loving world!

If I won the title of Miss Teenage Canada, that is how I would promote my title. I would promote treating everybody with kindness, equality, and always keeping an open mind.

So yeah… WORLD PEACE! 😉 <3

Written by: Tori

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