Everyday I am more and more thankful for the beautiful country I am able to call home. Contrary to what most people from other countries believe, Canada is much more than living in igloos and riding polar bears to school. It is more than apologizing too much, maple syrup, and saying ‘eh.’ Canada is great for a number of reasons, here are just a few:


In Canada everybody is accepted no matter what nationality, race, or even sexuality. We have the largest number of immigrants which adds diversity and uniqueness to our country. Every race lives in Canada and we are all treated equally. I am not an immigrant but this topic is important to me. The stronger our global awareness is the stronger our acceptance becomes. Canada legalized same sex marriage in 2005. It was the 4th country to legalize it while other countries are still debating it! Not only can they get married, but they are also able to adopt! Toronto also holds the biggest Gay Pride festival in June/July. We have not one but two official languages!


Canadians pay significantly less for our health care system than other countries. The government pays for most health care and medicine! If you are poor and in need of health care, don’t worry, Canada has your back!


Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world and has more beautiful lakes than any other country! Personally British Columbia is my absolute favorite place to be. The clear lakes, mountains, waterfalls that you can drink from, and breathtaking scenery are something to be proud of. Canada has amazing landscape, whether its canola fields that go on for miles or tall mountains that disappear in the clouds. There are also so many wild animals such as beavers, moose, antalope, deer, cougars, bears, polar bears, and even more.



If you are a Tim Horton’s lover and you’ve went on a trip out of Canada, you would have noticed there were no Tim Horton’s to be found. Therefore leaving you to have coffee withdrawals for the rest of the trip until you get back to wonderful Canada!


Canadians are known for being polite, I know this from first hand experience. On one vacation in Disneyland, my family and I were trying to get through the crowds of people that were everywhere and apologizing everytime we would accidentally elbow or run into anybody because isn’t that just the right thing to do? A random lady ended up approaching us afterward and asking if we happened to be Canadian, she said she could tell by our manners and apologetic ways. I, for one, am proud that we come from a country that is known for our manners, politness, and appreciation rather than coming from a country that is all about fighting and war.


The funniest people are from Canada such as my all time favorite Seth Rogan, Jim Carey, Matthew Perry,  Jay Barruchel, and tons more.


Yes girls Ryan Gosling is 100% Canadian… enough said!



Canada is a peaceful nation and we are at peace with many countries. We’ve dodged many wars and we have a lot of protection if it were to ever happen. Canadians had a huge role in World Wars I and II and made a significant contribution in the efforts for the freedom of European countries. In the present state of the world, our soliders are proud to be a part of the peace keeping efforts.


Mother Nature’s most amazing light show that you can see best in Canada. Everybody who lives here has seen these quite frequently and we never get enough of them.



Canada has a very good educational system. No matter how old or young you are, no matter who you are, everybody is able to get a good education. The cost of living and tuition fees for international students are generally lower in Canada than in other countries, so it is more affordable and convienient for people going to college/university.

There you have it. Although we Canadians have to suffer through -50 winters and short summers, we love our country and all that it has to offer.  It is beautiful in its diversity of landscape and the people who live here.

Thanks for reading!


Tori <3

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